convertri review

Convertri review – is it the best page builder yet?

Hi! It’s Don here. Today I am reviewing this awesome tool called Convertri. This is not a new tool, however, Andy Fletcher has updated this tool heavily and relaunching it with a very special offer!

Convertri review

convertri reviewSo, what the hell is Convertri and what can it do for you? Well, we all know all these WordPress blogs and websites based on WordPress. We all now that while it is convenient and very powerful, yet, it is very limited design wise, especially for someone like me (and probably you) who are not designers.

Convertri is one of the best tools to build nice pages. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not the kind of tool that would build page and that’s it. Convertri actually takes care of everything – from tedious hosting management to funnel building. Take a look at these features:

  • Countdown timers
  • Exit intents
  • Bump sells
  • Background videos
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Custom check out pages
  • 2 step opt-ins
  • Powerful hosting
  • Custom domains
  • Subscription
  • Trial payments
  • A/B testing
  • Hundres others

Ever since they launched in July 2016, they have been working hard on Convertri. Over the past year, they have implements nearly 100 new features and now, on October 31, they are relaunching it again and offering a special price for a few days!

The price goes from $708/year down to $297 for 12 days. I would say that this is amazing deal – GRAB IT NOW.

Convertri super features:

Funnel creation – I would say that creating a simple page is not enough anymore, especially when you are selling products with several upsells. Convertri easily allows you to create entire funnel, add different products and have different payment options. This is especially great if you are offering a trial for, say, $1 and 7 days later wish to charge $17/month or something. Convertri allows you to do that.

A/B testing – as a marketer myself, who worked with some PPC campaigns and stuff, I must say that A/B testing is very important and useful. Not just for testing ad campaigns but your own offers. Look, perhaps changing colour of a button gets you higher conversion rate by 1%? It might not seem much but every little helps, right? From 1,000 sales, 1% means 10 extra sales. Convertri allows you to do A/B testing and you will be able to see what works better for you business.

Free hosting – now this is huge. I mean, price wise, hosting is not such a big deal for most companies. However, problem is with hosting effectiveness. Convertri offers hoting that has 100% uptime. That means 100%! In the past 11 years of my marketing career, I have never seen that any of the hosting companies would achieve 100% uptime. Convertri did! They have never been down … not even for a second! So, it is safe to say that you can rely on its uptime and never worry about downtime.

Integration with other services – another amazing thing about Convertri is that the tool allows you to integrate other services such as Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc …

Convertri conclusion

So if you are a serious business person, you know that Convertri is very useful. This web builder will help you design pages even you are not a designer.

Remember, doors open on 31 October, 2017, get it here while you can!