You probably have noticed that this website ranks for many keywords, epseically product related names. My services include SEO services, mainly. We all know that search engine traffic is very powerful. Search traffic converts better than any other traffic because when someone is looking for something on Google, they are usually looking with credit cards in their hands, ready to buy from you. So, here’s the list of my services:

PBN links

I happen to run 3 PBNs. No, that’s not a network of 3 blogs. I run 3 networks of 15-50 blogs each. PBN links work best, especially, when combining them with other types of links.

Tartarus Network:

So, Tartarus Network is blog network that consists of 50 blogs. It is a unique and original content network where each and every article is unique and hand-written. Here are the packages:

  • Package A: 5 posts ($37)
  • Package B: 10 posts ($67)
  • Package C: 20 posts ($127)
  • Package D: 40 posts ($237)

Don’t forget that you can use a coupon code TAR10 for 10% OFF. Oh, and if you choose that you order from “I.M. with Don” on the order form, you will get addition tier 2 links as a bonus – 100 (package A), 200 (package B), 300 (package C) and 500 (package D) links for free (YAFBPS, see below for details).


Hyperion links:

Hyperion Links is a very similar blog network to Tartarus, however, it uses rewritten content (which is still somehow hardly